Choose Your Option

We created our tickets to accommodate all kind of needs. We have RACE TICKETS for individuals but also for smaller groups. If you buy tickets in groups you can also save on the unit price.
But if you are a group of at least five you can also compete with each other in the form of a real kart race in three different levels of difficulty.

RACE TICKETS — if you wish to come individually or in smaller groups
for a few rounds

RACE PACKAGES — OK, so joke aside! Who is the BEST?
To compete against each other these are the best options!
Only available from a minimum nr of racers!

KIDS PARTY — its a great alternative to celebrate your kids' birthdays.
It's unique and ALL KIDS WILL LOVE IT!
In case they are above 6 yrs.

PRIVATE EVENTS — whether you want to make a
longer presentation, a new product roll-out
or just want to make your entire team happy
we are a good choice for you. Parties upto 75 ppl.