electric gokart

The electric gokart
  • horsepower:   23
  • terminal velocity:   130 km/h
  • maximal velocity on the tracks:   50 km/h
  • presentation:   swiss design
  • reversing:   by pressing a button
  • min-max height:   125-200 cm
  • number of speed settings:   10
  • construction:   12-layer carbon frame
  • battery:   40 Ah, 30 kg,  50 V
  • build:   symmetrical
  • safety:   built-in collision sensor
  • navigation:   controller
  • track length:   230 m
  • one race:   7 minutes (ca. 15 laps)

The advantages of electric gokarts


...because no one will be dirty from oil and you don't have to smell the gasoline all night either.


...because the racing car sound of the electric engine is only there to make your experience more enjoyable.


...because the electric engine does not emit any harmful chemicals.


...because the performance of the engines is 16kW and the theoretical maximum velocity of the karts can reach up to 130 km/h


...because the shape of the gokarts is symmetric and both the pedal, as well as the seat are adjustable