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Here you can find all the useful information about go karting.

What does is a "race"?

The base unit of go karting is the race, where you can go as many laps as you want (and as you can) in a given time frame, which at us is 7 minutes. So far on average, our guests can finish around 12 laps during this time.

What does "lap time" mean?

The interval in which you can complete a lap with the gokart. To portray this, the usual format is minute, second, millisecond, centisecond and decisecond. Like this for example: 00:37.325

I'm pretty tall, will I fit into the gokart?

Yes, it will be completely comfortable for you as well, because both the seat, as well as the pedals are adjustable within given limits. (125 cm -- 200 cm)

From which age can children drive the go-karts?

From a law perspective, there aren't any restrictions or given rules for an age limit, the only limiting factor is the height. Even though both the seat and the pedals are adjustable, we recommend driving from 125 centimeters.

Can I reverse with the go-karts?

Egy átlagos benzines autóban nincs tolatási funkció, de a mi elektromos gokartjainkban simán tudsz rükvercbe kapcsolni, ha valahol elakadsz.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

Yes, it is required to wear one for your safety, but we provide helmets in all sizes, so everyone can find one that's comfortable.

What does the "track record" mean?

The track record is meant for one race and is a synonym for the best lap time. It can have multiple meanings. Either the fastest lap one person had in a race or the fastest lap time out of a group of people.

Are there any clothing requirements?

Yes, for your safety, you have to wear closed shoes, like sneakers, sandals or flip flops aren't allowed. It's also forbidden to wear scarves, shawls, hoodies with long strings and any type of jackets while driving the go-karts.

Is it worth it to drift with the go-karts in the curves?

Depends. Yes, since it does feel great when the go-kart drifts a bit to the side during the swerve. But our experience is, that your lap time will be much better if you take your foot off of the accelerator pedal and don't drift. If you're interested in the techniques that can help you get a faster lap time and swerve with more precision, you can ask our track managers, they will be more than happy to help you.

What kind of dangers can go-karting have?

Because of the shock-absorbing springs in the rail system, it can attenuate all the force from any possible collisions. Our go-karts are also very safe, all of them are equipped with sensors that warn drivers with a tendency for collisions about the correct way to drive the karts. Other than this, there is a different, lower speed-setting for children, which quarantees the safety of the little ones. Wearing a helmet is a must for everyone of course!